Really Big Kite : Core XR3 - 19m LightWind

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Really Big Kite : Core XR3 - 19m LightWind

Post by BarryMorwick » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:50 pm

Anyone want to own a big Core XR3 -19m lightwind kite in Excellent condition? On June 21 at Hussy, even Mark Koneig was on a 19, and Daniel was on a 17!! So everybody can use one big kite in their quiver when it’s too shallow to foil!!!

It saved me from getting skunked and rewarded me with lots of water sessions where I was the only guy out on the water while everyone else was standing on shore jealous!!! At 230 lbs, I could plane in an 8 knot breeze with barely a rustle of tree leaves.

It has never been crashed, never torn, and never leaks!

You can ask me to see it inflated and take it for a spin at the beach in less than 10 knots so you can still Twin Tip on a Foil Day!

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