8M North Dice - Mint Condition -$650

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8M North Dice - Mint Condition -$650

Post by rmhettinga » Tue May 21, 2019 5:42 pm

Mint Condition 2016 North 8M Dice!!! What a kite!!!

I picked it up at the end of the season in La Ventana this year, and it had originally been bought by someone who got sick and only stored the kite. When I opened the bag I couldn't believe it. The canvas was still SUPER CRISPY aka brand new, and it looked like it had been riden once. I am an IKO instructor, and had other instructors look at the kite with me and we all agreed it was only riden a maximum of 3 times and very lightly.

I only got to ride it roughly 15 times, but my trip up the coast got cancelled due to the cold Pacific Ocean and Australians who couldn't handle it :lol: so I am back in Winnipeg area for a couple weeks visiting family. She is a beauty to ride and I hate to give her up, but I am heading out to Nitinat (Vancouver Island) to teach all summer and I have access to school kites there.

No bar unfortunately, but let me know what kind of bar you have and I can find out if it will work!

I'm only around for a week more then will be heading to BC, so if you are interested let me know! I am pretty firm on the $650 - if you have a look at how good of condition the kite is, you'll know why! :grin:

If you want to learn more about the kite you can here:
2019-03-12 16.52.11.jpg
2019-03-12 16.52.45.jpg
2019-03-12 16.52.53.jpg

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