RRD Obsession Quiver 6-9-12 w/ 2 RRD bars $2950

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RRD Obsession Quiver 6-9-12 w/ 2 RRD bars $2950

Post by Guilly » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:58 pm

Complete setup of RRD MK10 Obsession kites. You will love these kites, I did. Great for boosting, megaloops, freeride freestyle and unhooked wakestyle. Sounds like any discipline right? Well the versatility of going from 4-line to 5-line in 2 minutes makes for a kite good in many disciplines. The construction on these kites is top of the line and they look great too. Complete setup including a 6-9-12 m quiver and a 4-line and 5-line bar.

Full setup, can be set up as 4-line mode for more boosting, depower or 5-line mode for powered and aggressive freestyle riding. All is required is the 5 minute bridled 4 line mode to non-bridle 5th line change. Both bars are included, and these are really good bars with amazing lines that are not weaved and therefore do not stretch and are more durable.

Below is a link to RRD's website with more details on the kite.
http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equi ... sion-mk10/

email: lafondguil(at)yahoo.com
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